Breedingto Never Bend Better

Because of the passing of Never BendBetter the only available breeding to him is with Frozen SemenIf you are interested in transported semen:

If you book your mare for Transported Semen aBreeding Contract will be filledout giving you a live foal guarantee.

The breeding fee is $750.00 and there is $375.00charge for packing and shipping the semen. This includes all handlingcosts and postage to receive and return the container. Each shipmentwill have 2 inseminations in it. The frozen semen can be shipped at anytime. We require the $375.00 and the stud fee to be paid in full beforewe will ship any semen.

We recommend that you make your decision earlybecause it takes a bit of time to have your mare ready and prepared forTransported Semen. We highly recommend that you use a vet that has hadexperience with Transported Semen. If one is not available get a veryexperienced broodmare vet. This will save you lots of money andfrustration.

We also suggest that even if your mare is a maidenmare you have a culture of her uterus done while she is in heat. Thiswill help prevent any future problems.

The useof Transported Semen can be an enriching experience but it requires alot of work on the part of the mare owner. We at Chenco Farm do not haveany control over the mare when using this method.

Foals conceived by FrozenTransported Semen cannot be registered with The Jockey Club, but areeligible for most other registries including the AQHA. All of NeverBend Better's foals no matter what breed the mare, or how conceived,are eligible to be registered with the Performance Horse Registry,sanctioned by the Jockey Club.

I hope this helps you in making your decision. Feelfree to call, write or e-mail me with any questions you might have.

Juana Chennault

Chenco Farm

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Edgewood, TX 75117

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